By Lord Randall

If you’re looking for "The Codex Necro", it’s over in the corner shrine you built to the rectums of Messrs. Irrumator and V.I.T.R.I.O.L. back in 2001, then subsequently destroyed/rebuilt one fateful evening in 2009 after hearing "In The Constellation Of The Black Widow". Unfortunately for you, if you have said shambled lean-to of a shrine, you’re due for some more destruction tonight. As you should’ve expected, ANAAL NATHRAKH have paid exactly zero attention to your concerns about how their music since then has been “weak”, “lackluster” or (Goat help us all) “djent-influenced”. I’m sorry finding out VITRIOL had a range that went more places than swine-gutted-alive broke your oh, so kvlt heart. Because he’s in true Deliverance mode in places here (‘A Firm Foundation Of Unyielding Despair’, ‘Idol’), and it makes his melodic delivery on other tunes that much more angelic (‘Unleash’, ‘The Joystream’). Musically, sure your beloved Irrumator has long ago dropped the ball, but you won’t be around to hear the positively filthy riffs ‘n’ rhythms he’s constructed here, along with the fine folks at electronic sound design firm Gore Tech, resulting in an album that’s equal parts mud and microchip, fatalistic and futuristic.

All is not perfect, and a few clunkers still fall like dropped wrenches through the guts of the machine that has become ANAAL NATHRAKH over time, but the brimstone’s still being shoveled to the engine, and I’ll forgive the handful of rat shit when I’m holding an armful of gold.