By Dr.  Abner Mality

In this digital era when a reviewer is buried beneath a tidal wave of new releases on a weekly basis, bands are occasionally going to slip between the cracks. That is unfortunately the case for me and American Heritage. It's pretty tragic because apparently "Prolapse" is their last release...the band is hanging it up after this one.

This Chicago based band has a strong following and some notoriety, all of which I managed to somehow miss over the years. I have to apologize, because "Prolapse" is a monstrous slab of hardcore brutality that also demonstrates almost progressive chops and an absolute refusal to compromise one second of fury. I rank this with the latest from Foreseen HKI as the best hardcore of the year.

"Eastward Cast The Entrails" opens like a 2 x 4 to the head....the guitar is raw, thick and heavy and the vocals caustic. Yet this song switches tempo and riff almost like something from early Mastodon or even Between the Buried and Me. It's a real smorgasbord of riffs and white hot anger! "Anxious Bedwetter" and the feedback drenched "Obliviocrity" continue your beating before the slower and more downbeat "Constant and Consuming Fear of Death and Dying" demonstrates a slightly different approach. The album winds up with 3 cover songs and where usually this would indicate creative laziness, each of the covers here is as raw and dangerous as American Heritage's originals. They do a brutal version of "Hurtin' Crue" from The Descendents, a raging "Thirsty and Miserable" from "Blag Flag" (actually Saint Vitus) and finally, "Bulletproof Cupid" from Girls Against Boys. This final track sees the intensity drop a bit, as it is long and almost proggy but still intriguing.

"Prolapse" is one hell of a killer hardcore album and American Heritage is a band I should have had on my radar earlier. Give them the send-off they richly deserve and pick this up.