'Tango Umbrella"
by Sgt Deth

Maybe I’m getting too old, or maybe this is just back ground noise. I was a big fan of American Head Charge when they came out with their second release, “The War of Art”, back in 2001. That CD had some memorable tracks and I spun it a lot, but I cannot say that for this new one. It just drones on and most of the songs just blur together. I find myself wanting it to be over as it just grinds on me. There is a lot of senseless composition throughout. I don’t mean senseless in a good way either. I mean senseless like shoving a dead cat down a goat’s mouth.

The vocals annoy me so much that I will probably never listen to this CD again. The song writing is horrible and goes nowhere. I thought there would be at least one decent track to put in my listening library, but could not find a one. Very, very disappointed with the lack of caring you can hear in the guitars, drums, and overall sound. Almost like they were dragging themselves up to the recording studio in a drunken haze, and barely had enough consciousness to lay out some crummy tracks. This is something I would expect from way less experienced musicians than A.H.C.