“Flesh Is Heir”

By Derelikt Waugh

Even if you’ve heard and absorbed a literal shit load of industrial/death/black metal over the years, you’re still not gonna be totally prepared for the full-on onslaught that is Australia’s The Amenta. This is some jarring, jagged, mechanized malignancy that will repeatedly sucker punch you in your beer-distended gut, right after pouring Dead Sea salt into your frightened, stupid eyes. There are no pleasantries in close proximity to this record. It’s all light-speed drumming and rabid, rapid-fire rhythm guitars, coupled with explosions and shattering glass. This is some seriously mean spirited shit, the kind of stuff that makes Ministry’s “Psalm 69” sound like a bible hymn sung by sexually abused eunuchs.

The only band I can think of that’s remotely comparable to The Amenta’s relentless brand of industrial metal is Red Harvest. They have a similar cold atmosphere, coupled with the mechanical barrage that we’ve come to expect from this genre. But if this record is any indication, The Amenta will blow all expectancies (and Red Harvest, for that matter) out of the treacherous, roiling waters. There’s not a moment of weakness here, just occasional oblique, disturbing moments of instrumental ambiance to break up the feral spite that laces virtually every track. I’ve also heard that they put on a live show that has to be seen to be believed. I really can’t recommend this heartless bastard of an album enough to metalheads with open ears and an appetite for something that’s not necessarily new, but definitely something dangerous and wonderfully wicked.