"Tomb of Broken Sleep"
By Theron Moore
 Ambassador Gun is a wrecking machine, right out of the gate, and stays this way throughout the record.  The production on “Tomb of Broken Sleep” is amazing.  It brings out a thick, low end sound that showcases how heavy this band really isl which isn’t so much grindcore as dare I say, thrashy metalcore with a nod to old school English punk?  I hear a lot of Converge meets Broken Bones done Ambassdor Gun style.

All in all, “Tomb of Broken Sleep” is an exposition of blast beats and lightning fast riffs.  Speed is the name of the game here -- the songs are short, brutal and fueled by loads of rage / anger.  What I liked best about this record is that the songs aren’t two dimensional or formulaic.  “Smoke Crack, Worship Satan” has a groove to it that I can’t even begin to explain except by calling it sheer head banging genius, certainly the best song on the record in my opinion. 

It’s less hardcore / metalcore and straight up heavy friggin’ rock which is also an apt description of “Mighty Steed” as well.  That’s the difference between a band like Ambassador Gun and Converge.  Ambassador Gun has depth and dimension, Converge and bands like it have always been one trick ponies not wanting to stray too far out of the boundaries which Gun does on this record, and is successful at it, I might add. 

One of the best records of the year.  Must buy.  Must listen.  Must headbang to.  Must, must, must.