"Awakening The Forest"

By Dr. Abner Mality

England's Alunah was a favorite band of former Wormwood contributor and conneisseur of all things doomy Earthdog's. You can even find an interview he did with them in the Wormwood Archives. As for the Good Doctor, this is my first actual encounter with them.

God bless Earthdog, but this band doesn't strike me as anything spectacular. They are another female-fronted occult doom band in a sea of such bands and they are nowhere near the worst, but not anything that stands out from the pack that much either. Singer Sophie Day's voice is pleasant and that's about it. Thank goodness she doesn't stretch herself too far like so many Gothic divas do...she stays in an enjoyable mid-range. Tthe music of Alunah is laid back doom that unfolds in a very leisurely and unhurried manner. Though the guitar tone is warm and heavy, there's no sense of horror or aggression with Alunah. It's like strolling through an old English forest on a warm and sunny day.

"Bricket Wood Coven" is about as traditional as British doom gets, "Heavy Bough" is shorter and punchier and the title track ambles along with Sabbathian torpor. I do like that very analog guitar tone...there's a bluesiness to Alunah that's also evident.
But I kept waiting for the album to really take off and it never did. "Scourge and the Kiss" is a bit dragged out and the very mellow "The Summerland" never really reaches the powerful climax a doom classic should, though it does perk up at the very end.

Solid, rather cuddly and very English doom metal from more, no less.