"Barren Grounds"

by Octopi Mills

In my craving for doom I await the old gossamer feel I am looking for; like the chill of goose flesh creeping across the gated horses of my haunted thought barn, for they have grazed in pastoral grounds long enough and are in need of spooking. I also wonder if I can hear or taste a Danish feel to act as something atmospheric- I won't and perhaps cannot outright explain, so I will ask you forgive me.

It begins with some bellowing vocals that echo older metal schools, and makes use of dynamism, though I yet  to hear doom metal, as often defined. There is a short and odd instrumental before the third song that offers perhaps a whispering wisdom somewhere. "Barren Grounds"  has something of a slower power metal feel, but much of it does, here on this mini-album. I am not quite sure if the band goes for simplicity and this old metal head style of the common and obscure sort, and I feel it fail with me to give a deep impression or add to the experience. It simply fails to capture me in any way, but is not offensive, as some music that invokes the rage of wordy malice. I feel, by briefly gazing at the band's photos to judge them as good fellows by way of intuition, character profiling and uncanny deduction, but cannot award them a gold star  or a place on the shelves of any lore or renown at this time. In fact, it was boring, and I am almost ashamed to say this of their music because I think they might be serious about the music here, and it’s not a fair thing to be so critical of one's fellow man. But I have said it with the utmost honesty and respect.