“No Grave But The Sea”

By Dr. Abner Mality

When it comes to “guilty pleasures”, Alestorm might be one of mine. Pirate metal to me is still dominated by Running Wild, but these scurvy lads put in a strong bid for runner up. There’s something that’s hard to dislike about a bunch so dead set on having fun.

I won’t insult you by injecting “Arrr”, “Matey” and “Ahoy” into the review because that’s been done to death. Alestorm do enough of that themselves. They do keep the metal crunch factor high in their music and they might be even heavier than Running Wild. They also know how to do those insanely catchy pirate singalong melodies, which is obvious right from the opening title track, which mixes brassy horns with a surging metal thrust  They also toss in hurdy-gurdy, fiddle and other authentic instruments into the mix.

After a while, the salty drunken melodies get to wear on you a bit, but played by themselves, tunes like “Mexico”, “Alestorm” and “Pegleg Potion” will put a smile on your face. With “Treasure Island”, they try for a Running Wild style epic. The less said about “Fucked With An Anchor”, the better…that one is just embarrassing.
Not all metal has to be grim, brutal and wicked. Alestorm provide a bit of lusty fun for bangers in need of relief.