By Dr. Abner Mality

This is a dark cosmic bulldozer crawling inexorably forward to shove the remains of Planet Earth into a roaring black hole. Four tracks of raging black drone metal to send you spiraling into the other side of an anti-Euclidean gateway!

AKOLYTH are one of those super-mysterious entities common in underground black names, no country of origin, very little to go on. I suspect it is the work of a single dark wizard performing everything but I could be wrong. It matters little because this act has conjured up a pulverizing work of primitive black metal power that is quite hypnotic. Each of the 4 cuts here is between 9 and 10 minutes long...long enough for repetition to take hold but not burn you out. There are traces of CELTIC FROST, KHOLD, DARKTHRONE and even WOLVES IN THE THRONEROOM here. The guitar sound is low, dank and treble overkill here. Primitive caveman style groove erupts into blazing black drone. Vocals are every type of echoey howl, scream and spoken growl, the better to raise demons with.

All 4 tracks are killer, but “To Become His Doorway” is absolutely trance inducing...a classic of its kind! This is for sure one of the best black metal releases of 2020! All hail the madness of AKOLYTH!