By Dr. Abner Mality

Akerbeltz kind of takes me back to the one man BM bands of the early 2000’s that did stuff as low-fi and homemade as possible. A lot of that “necro” black metal was shittier than an exploding sewer but once in a while, someone would get it right and come up with something engagingly creepy.

By no means would I call “Satanic” a great work of black metal, but I like its homely crudeness. Mr. Akerbeltz sounds like he records his stuff in a cobwebby crypt and jams on oldschool black metal like early Bathory and all those primitive BM bands of old. He has a very horrific troll-like croak that really sounds like he’s been mouldering in a tomb. Fortunately he plays black metal with speed and riffs…none of that endlessly droning depressive crap. He doesn’t try to be especially melodic or epic, either. The tunes are short and to the point.  There’s some ancient and creaky riffing in tunes such as “Ye Old Hag” and “A Deed Without A Name” but the best is saved for last with “Chaos”. This is simple blasphemous mayhem right out of the first two Bathory albums and it captures that feeling perfectly.

Musty black metal covered with grave mold and bone dust…”Satanic” indeed.