"My Life, My Way"

By Thor

“My Life, My Way” – the latest album from Agnostic Front, is quintessential crossover thrash, East Coast style.

The album boasts 13 hardcore anthems for the streetwise city kid.  The fact that this kid may be a 35-year-old from the ‘burbs matters not.  These are classic East Coast rallying cries, full of gang-vocal choruses that affirm the militant pride and earnest reverence for the dingy concrete and steel environs that spawned this music and shaped these attitudes.  There’s an addictive and almost aggressive optimism in doing things “our way” on this album.  If you’re going to attempt to find a positive outlook on life, I say better this way than on the couch of some shrink.

 Musically, “My Life My Way” holds few surprises.  The album’s composed of equal parts thrash riffs, both D-beat and groove-style, as well as melodic, catchy chord progressions that recall the punk end of the spectrum.  Agnostic Front’s execution is flawless.  Again, not a surprise.  Vocally, Roger Miret does what he does, but a little more punk than thrash compared to both “Another Voice” (2004) and “Warriors” (2007).   

 The production is clean and punchy all around.  It’s a far cry from the early days and it speaks to the maturity of the band as well as label support from Nuclear Blast for this style of music that manifests as money and time to do it right.  The songs are all on the short side, between 2 and 4 minutes long, and unique enough to sustain an interesting listening experience throughout.

 Having spanned the entire spectrum of subgenres related to punk, from hardcore to oi!, the current incarnation of Agnostic Front is sure to gain them new fans while alienating some old ones with their crossover-with-a-modern-twist approach.  “My Life My Way” will appeal to fans of heavy, aggressive music in the mold of Hatebreed and Blood for Blood, but with old school integrity not present in those bands.  In short, “My Life, My Way” is the pinnacle of the form.