"The Colony Slain"

By Octopi Mills

Leo Smee of latter Cathedral fame seems to be thumping around bass notes on this release, which comes from the Rise Above label, and the songwriter Toby W. Wright is not the same guy who borrowed my garden mattock and pick dressed as a ring wraith, so we must understand things from a perspective of fair game. The production values are as slick as a shiny pinball machine and the dual guitar work at times has the heroic Iron Maiden flair but there's power chords being ridden that make it what it is. The vocals are a bit "Leonard Nimoy" in instruction at times; nice and nerdy and not dangerous or threatening to one's overall sense of being and this offers the nice guy approach as one recalls unicorn or epic fantasy posters. There then is a feel more of a band like Yes, Bread, or Styx than that of something like Sabbath or what has been called by men of less or greater proficiency as "proto doom." There is synth at times, and a big fantasy story being told here. The album has a light feel; not crushing or heavy and that's all I can say.