"Writhes In The Murk"

By Lord Randall

The term “avant-garde” gets hurled around the “extreme” music scene with such regularity and force you’d half-expect the words themselves able to create their own circle pit, a whirling microcosm of kvltness and brutality the likes of which the world has never seen. But then, that wouldn’t be avant-garde, now would it? Seriously, for every djent-ophile wasteoid on the planet who proclaims TEXTURES is the be all, end all, there’s a self-proclaimed old school vet who declares that progression ended in music with the release of MESHUGGAH’s "Obzen".

While not employing that overused descriptor to explain what "Writhes In The Murk", the third album by AEVANGELIST is, let’s instead focus on what it does. It takes the scathing, sonic manipulation of debut "De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis", throws it into a rusted, disease-infested meat grinder made of 2013’s "Omen Ex Simulacra", creating an entity beholden to neither. Yes, "Writhes In The Murk" is very much its own beast, uglier than both, yet with a sense of pungent, primal beauty wafting off its lurking form. Opener ‘Hosanna’ plods forth on legs the size of California redwoods, splintering into an underlying – yet clearly obvious – metal riff, while ‘Praeternigma’ throbs and pulses before convulsing down descending layers of Hell, rampantly calling forth chaos amid subconscious industrial rhythms. Tribal cacophony and hypnotic ritual summon ‘Harken To The Flesh’, veritably bleeding into a seraph-rending ‘Halo Of Lamented Glory’, thus making way for the title track finale.

If you’re looking for a doppelganger to anything AEVANGELIST has done in the past, look elsewhere, because there are loads of pretenders crafting just that. For fans of DODSFERD’s newer work, NECRITE and (occasional) DEATHSPELL OMEGA, this duo is right up your black, glass-strewn, unlit alley.