By Dr. Abner Mality

Finnish black metal unit AETHYRICK perform the neat trick of combining the majestic rifferama of IMMORTAL with the sinister melodies of DISSECTION. That’s an ambitious plot but they pull it off for the most part and “Apotheosis” is a fine example of melodic black metal that retains a frosty bite.

Six songs here, of respectable length, but fortunately not too long. Six to eight minutes seems to be the norm and that’s all the time AETHYRICK needs to weave their spell. The song are generally fast, with guitars mixed way in front but also with plenty of wintry sounding, spacy synth work adding an eerie texture. The band reaches their peak on “Flesh Once Divided” and “In Blood, Wisdom”, both of which have beautifully flowing riffs with a sad feel and just the right amount of synth accent. Although these two are the highlights for me, none of the other songs is bad and all stick to generally the same game plan.

I won’t say that AETHYRICK is breaking any barriers, but they’ve managed to nail the sound they are after and I can see this band becoming a force in the near future if they find the right outlet.