“Russian Spider Dump”

By Dark Starr

This is a new album from this vintage band. Part of the 1980s hardcore movement, ADOLESCENTS broke up for a while before getting back together in 2001. This album is a killer punk set with a lot of great tunes. While there aren't many huge departures, it never feels tired or redundant. It probably goes without saying given the song titles (and the fact that they are edited on the internet version) and this being a hardcore punk band, but a lot of this earns parental advisories for the lyrics. 

Bass brings this the opening song titled "Fuck You" in. The cut fires out into killer punk rock. It's fast paced and angry, just like punk should be. This is very much old-school punk. "Lion's Share" might be even meaner than the opener was. It's definitely screaming hot. I love the bass line on "Just Say Yes." The cut has more of a garage rock psychedelic feeling to it. It's catchy and a lot of fun. 

Angry old school punk, "Class War" almost feels like what you might get if you merged THE DEAD BOYS with the punkiest of GUNS N’ ROSES. Classic hardcore punk sounds drive the screamer that bears the title "Crayon World.". Even angrier, "Dirty Bomb" is screaming hot. 

"Pink Piece of Peace" is next, and I like the way the vocals are spit out on this screaming hot tune. Don't miss that frantic bass playing when you listen to this one, either. This is super high energy punk. There is even a weird, almost proggy break. Energy and drive really make up the concept on "Fast, Fucked & Furious." Then again, you can say that of most of the rest of the set. Still, it never feels tired or redundant. 

"God Bless America" actually starts off with a bit of the song that shares its title. From there they scream out into a punk stomper. The guitar sound on "Home is Where" is meaty and mean. The track is another driving hardcore punk rocker. "I Like Drugs" makes me think of THE RAMONES in a lot of ways, but perhaps with a bit of DEAD BOYS edge. Mind you, I'm talking about the early RAMONES, not when they became more of a old-time rock and roll band. This is catchy and fun. 

Next we get a cover of the SPIRIT classic "I Got a Line on You." This punked up version reminds me a just a little of ALICE COOPER's version. Still, this is a bit edgier than that. It's a great tune no matter who does it, and this version definitely does it justice. I love the guitar solo and the snarled vocals. 

Angry and meaty, "Not Going Back Home" is more killer punk. Another mean stomper, the powerhouse titled "Not with You" works well. The hardcore number that goes by the title "Back Door" is literally screaming hot. It has some particularly meaty riffing.