“Keep It Greasy!”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Do not visit the Admiral Shovell diner if you’re looking to lose weight. Everything here is cooked with huge chunks of lard…it slides into your ears right down to your gut and nether regions, It’s fatty, greasy…and oh so good!

Of all the proto-metal/70’s rock influenced bands out there, the Admiral remains my favorite by far. Heavy, greasy blues-injected power riffing and smoky vocals is what you can always expect from them and on “Keep It Greasy!”, they sound looser and rawer than ever. I swear these songs were done in one take on a four-tracker somewhere in Limehouse. It makes the previous Shovell albums sound like over-produced prog rock. But the boys are clever masters at getting just the right touch.

This is a steaming plate of Budgie, Sabbath and Zeppelin heavy rock served up right.”U Got Wot I Need” is diesel-powered caveman rock, “Movin’ On” , “Hairy Brain Part 2’ and “Wrong” are slow and chunky blues epics where the Sab and Zep influences predominate.  The Admiral is always on the heavy side so we get power-packed cuts like “Hawkline Monkster”, “Paid In Full” and “Tired and Wired”. You can almost see the steam rising from them!

The Admiral Shovell Diner will never be a three star joint in the Zagat survey, but for heavy rock n roll, it’s the equivalent of down home soul food.