By Dr. Abner Mality

Here's a band that makes a very good stab at modern progressive thrash metal. Although Adimiron is obviously influenced by Meshuggah (like about a zillion other bands), they manage to put enough of their own stamp on the material to avoid sounding like another derivative clone addicted to downtuned polyrhythms. This is a style of music I am not always very comfortable with, but quality always manages to transcend boundaries.

"K2" kicks off with a hell of a ferocious start on "Oriens". Some appealing East Indian music leads into a blistering thrash attack with a thoroughly modern sound. A terrific mixing/mastering job by Jens Bogren brings out the best in their sound. "Oriens" is one of the highlights but thankfully not the only one. "The Whisperer", "Servants' Poem" and "Thou Walk Eternal" are all slamming, brutal examples of modern metal, chock full of hooky chugging riffs and neat tempo changes. "The Whisperer" manages to feature Annihilator's Dave Padden on vocals and Padden really brings the heat here, sounding a lot harsher than in his home band. Vocals on this album can be rather wearying, as the normal vocalist has that monotone bellowing so common in this sub-genre. And in fact, a couple of tracks such as "To Whom It May Concern" and "Red Condition" sound like they are going through the motions, although well-executed.

Adimiron does more than vicious, hammering riff-fests, though. "Passenger" features moody, melodic passages while "Above The Rest" is tense yet relaxed, if that makes any sense. Both songs have room for guitar solos and experimentation that the faster, more aggressive songs lack. Unlike so many Meshuggah-influenced bands, Adimiron knows the value of mixing things up.

An enjoyable and well-executed record, "K2" is a rather pleasant surprise.