“And It Was So!”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is one of the year’s most improbable releases. Long running British punks popping up on metal behemoth Nuclear Blast Records? Who’da thunk it? But it is so!

Led by half Droog/half mime Monkey, The Adicts have been plying their trade since the Carter Administration. I’ll be damned if they haven’t come up with one of the most perversely catchy records of the year. This is pure punk, too…nothing diluted about it. It’s a varied album with different styles as well, which keeps it interesting and listenable. “Picture The Scene” comes across rather subdued at first with its throbbing baseline but man, is this track “addictive” or what? You will not be able to get it out of your head! “Fucked Up World” is furious buzzsaw punk that also is super catchy. “Love Sick Baby” is a bit more accessible but amazingly hooky. The album ending “You’ll Be The Death of Me” has a spooky vibe and even a bit of a Latin feel.

Some tracks come across too lightweight and on the poppy side for me, especially “If You Want It” with its acoustic guitar, but the songs on the whole are super hook-laden punk that sticks in your head like Flex Tape. A real lesson in perserverence and songwriting from The Adicts.