“Carthago Delenda Est”

By Dr. Abner Mality

With the roar of trumpets and the blast of electric guitar, here is metal of the ancient world. Epic, over the top and war-like, as befits a band writing about the clash between Rome and Carthage. This is my first encounter with Ade, but it is their third album overall and I was surprised to see the band’s Facebook page has more than  14,000 likes, which is impressive.

Epic metal with a Roman touch is not exactly new. The Kataklysm offshoot Ex Deo has been well known for their own brand of imperial death metal. Ade’s sound is not a million miles away from that and I also detect a strong influence from Nile here. “Carthago Delenda Est” really has that massive, martial sound to it…it is easy to imagine the legions of old marching to battle with Ade on the soundtrack. It’s definitely death metal, with aggressive riffs and brutal deep growling from Traianus. In fact, if you didn’t think Ex Deo was quite heavy enough, you might be better disposed to Ade’s power. The title track roars to life with a perfect mix of death metal rage and the brassy, epic sound of classical music. That’s the pattern for the album over all. The classical and traditional sounds are present on every track, but never overwhelm the metal.

Some of the highlights here are “Scipio Indomitus Victor”, the rather morbid “Excidium” and the towering conclusion “Sowing Salt”. Although the tunes are huge and epic, they are kept relatively compact….no 10 minute plus monsters here. Everything about the album, from its sound right to its outstanding cover art, is on a huge scale.
If a mix of Nile and mid-period Kataklysm sounds appealing, Ade is a band to definitely check out. They are waving the Roman Eagle high.