“Napalm For All”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Well, here is an album that MetalSucks and the Antifa are bound to hate. What better recommendation do you need to buy? Granted, I get a little uneasy myself when I see one of Ad Hominem’s previous albums was called “Planet ZOG”…something probably inspired by a bad Austrian painter named Schicklgruber. 

However, if you are looking for super abrasive and offensive black metal, these French maniacs will certainly fulfill your needs. The charmingly titled “Napalm for All” boasts such PC song titles as “Goatfucker”, “You Are My Slut” and the intellectually challenging “Vatican Gay”. The surprising thing is how good this all sounds. It’s not total tuneless noise or underproduced crap. The sound here is clear and sharp and Ad Hominem actually writes distinct songs. Nasty, brutish songs, but songs nonetheless. There’s raging furnace blast BM like the title track, “AMSB” and “Bomb the Earth”, but a lot of the songs have a super crunchy rock n roll groove to them like “Consecrate the Abomination” and “Goatfucker”. “You Are My Slut” is more like super filthy blues based extreme metal instead of the usual frozen Nordic blaze…shades of Glorior Belli in this one. 

It’s consistently brutal, offensive and interesting…another scorching example of why French black metal is at the top of the genre!