"Kult des Hasses"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In all my travels through the catacombs of death metal hell, I have never really rubbed shoulders with Acheron before now. Pretty damn crazy when you consider the amount of time I have spent in the abode of the damned. "Kult des Hasses" is my first introduction to this long running force of destruction and by the bleeding stigmata of the False Prophet, I am mightily impressed!

This is death metal with more than twenty years of experience and force behind it. The great thing about Acheron is that they don't cave in to overly technical shit, but neither do they devolve into the simple-minded muck of most "retro" death metallers. The album is peculiar because it starts with the longer, more epic tunes and as it continues, everything becomes shorter and more concise. Those longer tracks such as "Daemonum Lux" and "Satan Holds Dominion" are well constructed with a full and evil sound. Guitar sound is perfect here...not overly shined up, but warm and beefy. There's also plenty of great melodic soloing such as you would hear on a Vital Remains album. A look at the credits reveals the sure hand of Dan Swano guiding the mayhem, so Acheron is in good hands there. Not only does long time high priest Vincent Crowley contribute forceful growls, but we also hear vocal contributions from Kam Lee of Massacre/Denial Fiend, John McEntee of Incantation and wife Jill of Funerus and more. It's all whipped together seamlessly.

I felt the album really reached the apex with the cyclonic speed assault of "Misanthropic Race", which is the aural equivalent of being swallowed by red hot magma. A scorching track, matched by the perverse thrashiness of "Whores and Harlots", which is amazingly catchy for such a beast of a song. From there, the album winds up with a series of brief but potent tracks that will crack every verterbrae in the neck of a true old school death metaller.

If "Kult des Hasses" is not the best Acheron album yet, then please, by all means direct me to one that's better. For me, this is one of the first really great albums of 2014.