“The Mastery”

By Theron Moore

I think I’ve listened to this record four or five times already and I waver back and forth between liking it and finding it kind of generic, unfortunately.  It’s German thrash so it’s not awful, I mean, fuck, Kreator’s from there for God’s sake.  But I just can’t connect with Accuser on this record.  That’s the bottom line.  If you stop reading this review right now, that’s my issue with “The Mastery.”  

To me, the first track on any record should grab you and shake you up and “Mission:  Missile” doesn’t.  The second song, “The Real World” does, though.  I dig that jam, it’s intense as all get out.  Same thing with track three, “Solace in Sorrow,” which, for me personally reminds me of Kreator and Sodom to a certain degree.  It’s pounding, driving thrash, who could ask more, right?  But I’m still not connecting here.  The double bass and angry vox on “Time for Silence,” good stuff, Kreator fans will love it.  But I’m looking for a unique identity with Accuser on “The Mastery” and I’m not finding it.  I think that’s what’s throwing me.  

Musically speaking, Accuser’s not bad.  They’re heavy, they’re fast, they play a punchy, aggressive style of thrash that’s certainly headbanging but I can’t get past the fact that the sound, the style and the vibe of “The Mastery” is bland, it doesn’t stand out.  It doesn’t excite me the same way that a Slayer record gets under my skin or the feeling I get when I listen to Testament at the gym.  It’s a rush.  This isn’t, it kinda sits there.  Accuser’s heavy, they’re thrashy, but “The Mastery” is nothing to get pumped about.  But let’s be fair, it’s not terrible and you may like it and more power to you but me?  I need more.  This ain’t it.  On a scale of 1 to 5 Kreators, I’d give “The Mastery” a 2.5 at best.