By Colonel Angus

This is the second album by Accept with Mark Tornillo on vocals and I have to say that there is no sophomore slump here.  When Tornillo took over vocal duties for Udo, I was a bit skeptical on whether they could really continue but "Blood Of The Nations" proved me wrong.  "Stalingrad" is every bit as good as the previous effort and shows that Accept have plenty of life in them.  The record starts with a “Fast As A Shark” type speed rocker in “Hung, Drawn And Quartered” and the band never lets up.  All the classic riffs are still there courtesy of Wolf Hoffmann.  Both Hoffmann and Herman Frank deliver the goods and should be considered one of the best guitar duos out there.  They continually manage to come up with great riffage while still staying within the Accept sound.  Stefan Schwarzmann should also get special mention as his playing is ferocious and powerful.  This has got to be some of the best drumming he has ever recorded.  The rhythm section is also complimented by the bass playing of Peter Baltes who I always felt was an underrated player.

I am giving this album full marks and I think it is well deserved because history will show that "Stalingrad" will be one of the top 5 albums by Accept and one of the top records of 2012.  Songs like “Flash To Bang Time”,  “Shadow Soldiers”, and “The Quick And The Dead” should all be part of their set list in years to come.  When it comes to title tracks “Stalingrad” keeps the tradition going with an anthem that is worthy to name an album.  Even the bonus track “Never Forget” is a great tune with plenty of melody and great riffs.  There really isn’t a bad song on "Stalingrad".  Nuclear Blast, who released "Blood Of The Nations", has another winner on their hands.   There are plenty of Accept fans out there but there are some who don’t want to give the band a shot without Udo.  Well, to that, I say that you are missing out.  "Stalingrad" is one of the best and consistent records Accept have ever put out and you owe it to yourself to pick it up, crank it up, and rock out.  I’m already waiting for the tour.