"Luonnen harmonia ja vihrea liekki"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Finland seems to be the epicenter of weird, off-kilter music and the excellent Svart Records label does a fine job of curating it. Here we have another example of Finnish weirdness in the form of Abyssion, a band containing members of Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu.. Oranssi is a band I dig a lot, but DBR bores the shit out of me, so where does Abyssion fall?

Fortunately, this is a very cool LP (or's quite short) of driving, primitive black metal with a spacy and psychedelic edge. The Finns love both their black metal and their psych and Abyssion is one of the best combinations of  both I've heard yet. I was actually expecting monolithic freakouts lasting in excess of ten minutes from Abyssion, but amazingly, the songs are all compact. Bursting with crackle and fuzz, four of five tunes here jump out of the speakers with simple, hypnotic riffs that don't seem a million miles away from Darkthrone. But on top of that blackness, there's tons of loopy guitar effects, Hawkwind-ish space synth noises and a general "forest" feeling that's hard to put into words. The vocals are a bellowing roar dishing out Finnish lyrics.  Abyssion really doesn't sound that much like either Oranssi Pazuzu or Dark Buddha Rising, it's its own animal...and that's a good thing.

Only the tune "Ajatus kirkastuu" deviates from the seems to be more of a freeform noisy psychedelic jam with little of the black metal feel. But because it's relatively short, it doesn't annoy like many psychdelic jams that go on forever do.

This is some freaky Finnish forest metal for sure and highly recommended!