ABYSMAL LORD “Storms of Unholy Black Mass”12”

MUTILATED VETERANS “Necro Crust Warhead” 12”

By Dr. Abner Mality

A couple of real sweeties from Hells Headbangers here. They sure keep churning out the grime at HH Headquarters…when they can’t do it with a full length, they settle for 12” inch vinyl. With band names like Abysmal Lord and Mutilated Veterans, you pretty much know what you’re in for.

Abysmal Lord hails from the Louisiana swamps and the press kit is at great pains to state they are not “your regular identi-kit “bestial goat metal” band”. Sorry, folks, that’s pretty much what it sounds like to me.  A heaving low-fi surge of blasphemy in the vein of Archgoat and Bestial Raids. All good, right? It would be, except these guys take the “low-fi” part of their sound too seriously. The production is too shit to have any major impact on me. Just not loud enough, nor thick enough, nor with enough bottom end. The desire to destroy is sure there on ditties such as “Gnashing of Teeth” and “Angels of Persecution” but it’s not backed up by the violent yet heavy production this cries out for. So it emerges as merely more bargain basement bestiality.

Mutilated Veterans fare better with their assault of super-crusty death groove. The band boasts Dopi of the late lamented Machetazo amongst its members and basically Mutilated Veterans sounds like the more grindcore parts of Machetazo. No sin there, because that band ruled. After the cool d-beat intro “March of the Mutilated”, “War Funeral” blows the hair back with a gruesome death/grind attack with mumbling growls. Four more bits of military-influenced filth come your way and while the sound is far from “pristine”, it does have the thickness that Abysmal Lord lacks.

Easy choice to make here if you should see these two together.