"Tomb of Feathers"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I recall a scene towards the end of the movie "The Perfect Storm", after the ship has sunk for the last time. One lone sailor is left floating in the middle of colossal waves and raging winds, totally enveloped by nature's wrath and awaiting his inevitable death. The music created by Abstracter here makes the listener feel like they are that sailor...a tiny, insignificant speck, being absorbed by something much larger and more powerful.

"Tomb of Feathers" is absolutely IMMENSE and one of the most powerful releases I have heard this year. Words can't describe how massive these three huge tracks are, clocking in at about 40 minutes total. Epic sludge is a meager description but comes close. The songs here are based on relatively simple riffs...but what great riffs they are. And how they build and build, carrying you along like a piece of bark through raging rapids. Opening cut "Walls That Breathe" starts dark and moody, with hooks that sink in deep and roaring vocals. It just intensifies and intensifies, not changing course much, but shifting slightly as it rolls along. It's a great track in itself, but the least of the three on offer here. "To Vomit Crows" has a more aggressive, chugging feel...sludgier and thicker. The riffs are MONSTROUS and the track has a clever change in flow a little more than half way through that elevates it to another level. There are also some depressing clean vocals, somewhat similar to the moaning of Windhand, that appear.

The best is saved till last with the monumental "Ash". This is my favorite song of 2012. It might just be one of my top ten of all time. I wish I could properly do it starts with a great "true doom" feel, then gives way to one of the nost bestial bass chugs you'll ever hear and explodes into soaring, majestic riffing. It is so simple but so effective. Then it drops to a more melodic, post-metal kind of sound that builds and builds once more, until more crushing sludge Nirvana is reached. A truly transcendental track, one that shames many more famous and well known bands.

One comparison I feel I can make with justification is YOB, but a thicker and sludgier YOB. That's not something I tossed in for shit and giggles, but high praise, which is well deserved. This is an album you must seek out.