By Dr. Abner Mality

Any trace of black or underground metal in Aborym’s sound has hit the bricks and sailed over the horizon quite a while ago. At one time, this was a forward thinking combination of black metal, noise and industrial. Once, but long ago…

Now this is pretty much a soulless pastiche of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson with extra helpings of electronic bleeps, honks and blats. In fact, it is shocking how “Hot Topic” Aborym is now. This comes from someone who can enjoy industrial metal when it’s done right. It is not being done right here. Now once in a while, a brief flash of enjoyment arises. The Ministry-like growl of “You Can’t Handle The Truth” is more than acceptable, “Big H” and “Decadence In A Nutshell” both start strong but fall apart with rehashed “soft but ominous” parts and those sensitive “whispered” vocals that I’ve never been able to stand. Much of the rest of this just passes by in a faceless industrial blur that keeps you wondering what part they lifted from NIN and what part they lifted from Manson. If a promising section arises, a change soon derails it.

It was an extreme chore to make my way through this. Underground metallers should avoid like the plague and even those into standard industrial music are liable to be unmoved. “Shifting.Negative” is a potent title, but not the way Aborym intended, I’m sure.