“The Anomalies of Artificial Origin”

By Thor

I first heard Abominable Putridity a couple years ago after stumbling upon their 2007 album, “In the End of Human Existence”. The opening track of that monstrosity begins with the most impossibly guttural vocals I’d ever heard – think garbage disposal. This esophageal cement-mixing was accompanied by slam after slam of catchy, down-tuned riffs. I was enamored. The album was a little rough around the edges, but always heavy and never boring.
After giving these young Russian monsters’ album a spin I began bout after bout of obsessive internet-scouring to find more of their stuff. Finally last year, the aforementioned web-surfing led me to new Abominable Putridity tracks that had been posted on YouTube and were part of a forthcoming album featuring guttural DM royalty, Matti Way (Disgorge, Cinerary, Liturgy) on vocals. After trying and failing several times over the months to find any more information on this most anticipated collection of songs, I was tipped off that “The Anomalies of Artificial Origin” was available for preordering on My CD arrived a few weeks ago and it was worth all the frustration.

Unsurprisingly, “The Anomalies of Artificial Origin” is song after song of catchy, down-tuned slams and guttural mastery, but this collection of tunes is better conceived and better performed than its predecessor, and it’s brilliantly produced. This thing obliterates a room with a good stereo. Abominable Putridity uses this album to deliver a style of music that I happen to find really appealing. While some extreme metal outfits prefer to have a musician circle jerk, churning out virtuosic-but-boring sonic masturbation, Abominable Putridity seems to make every decision based on whether or not it will contribute to the heaviness of the songs. It’s why I loved Obituary in the early 90’s and it’s why I’d rather listen to Mortician than any wanker tech band now. I want to be compelled to move. Period.

From top to bottom, “The Anomalies of Artificial Origin” is a vintage George Foreman uppercut to the dome. Every song is unique, yet cohesive to the essence of the “Abominable Putridity” sound. Slams yield the “yin” while tight blasts provide the “yang” and there are a handful of guest vocalists, showcasing their own garbage disposals. To top it off, the album artwork by “Par Olofsson”, depicting a monstrous lab experiment-gone-wrong is killer in more ways than one. But the real selling point is the fact that Abominable Putridity is on a shortlist of bands that provide us with the heaviest music that exists.

Fans of the original wave of brutal American death metal, such as Disgorge, Devourment, and Fleshgrind as well as stuff like Putrid Pile, Insidious Decrepancy, and Dyscrasia, will love Abominable Putridity’s “The Anomalies of Artificial Origin”.