“The Accuser”

By Dr Abner Mality

“The Accuser” is one of the most miserable and hopeless sounding records of 2015…and I’m sure Abigail Williams wouldn’t want it any other way! When I use the words “hopeless” and “miserable”, it is not in the sense that I’m slamming the record. On the contrary, it’s obvious that Abigail Williams intended to create a morose and extremely depressing atmosphere for “The Accuser”.

This is a band that has changed and evolved a lot of over the years. I’m remember them starting as more of a metalcore band before turning to symphonic black metal. They now seem to have found themselves as a stripped down, life-hating black metal band. I hope they stay that way. This is the sound that suits them best. Ken Sorceron is the sole remaining original member and I know from experience he’s not exactly a cheerful personality , so the current grey November tone of “The Accuser” is natural.
It’s a tough slog getting through this whole thing, but the authenticity is what makes it worth the effort. Whether it’s the fast chaotic aggression of “Path of Broken Glass”, “Godhead” and “Lost Communion” or the mushy, miserable tones of “The Outer Darkness” and “Forever Kingdom of Dirt”, the feeling of being trapped in a dead end with no way out is a common thread. Some of the experimental aspects remind me of Nachtmystium, which is understandable considering there are ex-members of that band in Abigail Williams now. Even the lighter, more “shoegazy” style of “Nuumite” is very bleak.

Some parts of “The Accuser” are tedious, but if you’re looking for music to match a bitter and soul-destroying mood, this is just about perfect as accompaniment.