“The Final Damnation”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Having just seen Abigail play live a couple of weeks ago and deliver a pretty hot show, I was curious to hear the latest record from the Japanese devil rock squad. I haven’t been real impressed with Abigail’s output in the past…

“The Final Damnation” still demonstrates all the trademarks that have made the band infamous. A combination of raw black metal, early speed metal and sleazy rock n roll, this is pretty primal stuff. Crude but generally effective. Abigail’s best weapon is the sizzling guitarwork of Jero…this guy really scorches the frets and solos bust out everywhere during the album. For his best axework, listen to him jam hard on “Sex and Metal”…this is pure shredding bliss. He also lets it rip on “Sweet Baby Metal Sluts” and “Holocaust By Evil”. As you can see, the band’s predilection for dumb song titles remains intact.

Yasuyuki’s howls and screams are also in full force. Thankfully, there’s little of the abysmal “real” singing and terrible falsettos that mar his side project Barbatos. “Open The Gates To Hell” and “Blasphemy Night” are more raging black metal than speed rock…this weird mix of diabolical BM and dirty-minded speed rock is what makes Abigail notable. 

I don’t think these guys will ever be my exact cup of tea, but for a swift kick in the nuts, you could do worse than “The Final Damnation”.