“Megalohydrothalassophobic” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

You humanoids are lucky that Dr. Mality is here to translate the scientific lingo for you. The title of this EP basically means “Fear of the Big Deep Water Ocean”. And it’s a fear many air-breathing mammals share….

Abhorrence, the great Finnish death metal band, has never been afraid to plunge into the abyss. They were one of the leading lights of Finnish DM in the early 90’s and now they’re back to take us to the briny depths of Davey Jones’ Locker.These guys are worthy of their comeback! The EP has all the earmarks of Finnish death metal, but done in a thoughtful way that doesn’t sound messy or needlessly cruddy. The drippy sounds of ocean waves permeate intro “The Mesh” and then the band oozes to life with “Anthem For the Anthropocene”, brimming with dark elemental riffs and subaquatic grumbles.

This is really good stuff! Heavy and suffocating but clean and perfectly modern at the same time. “The End Has Already Happened” shows Abhorrence’s great songwriting. The tune starts with eerie screeching metallic noise that gives way to a steady chunky march and finally full bore death metal sickness, before finally returning to that weird screech that sounds like a submarine being torn apart at crush depth!

This is one comeback that is fully justified. I was left feeling hungry for more after “Megahydrothalassophobic” and can’t wait for the second course from Abhorrence!