“Larvae Offal Swine”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Pete Helmkamp is back in action and he’s more misanthropic and hateful than ever. The long-time extreme metal veteran, best known for the fury of Angelcorpse, unleashes his copious disgust with humanity in the form of “Larvae Offal Swine”.  That title should give some indication of what he thinks of the human race.

This is pretty much Helmkamp unfiltered by any other creative force. He does all guitars and bass and of course his trademark volcanic growls…only the drumming is performed by someone else. Abhomine has a rawer, more unproduced sound than Angelcorpse…there’s nothing pretty or refined about it. In fact, Angelcorpse sounds shined up and pretty compared to the twisted mayhem here. The songs are generally blazingly fast and they lurch in a sickly mass of off the wall riffing. It’s like Angelcorpse with a lot of added muck and an acid distorted sense of songwriting.

As for lyrics, when you have tunes named “Worm Pig Shit”, “Buried With Pig”, “Nest of Disgust” and more, why bother to ask? It seems to be a mixture of David Icke-style conspiracy nonsense with a kind of extremist bluster worthy of an Oregon park occupier. Probably just as well I didn’t catch all of it.

And it’s certainly not necessary to understand the words to feel the hate and loathing coming from Mr. Helmkamp and Abhomine. This is for the most misanthropic  of extreme metal fans.