“Napalm Reign”

By Dr. Abner Mality

One look at the cover of this sucker and I was sold. THIS is what a death metal album should look like! And guess what? This is also what a death metal album should SOUND like!

These Kentucky boys have been at it since the dawn of the genre. They understand what it’s really about and how the great bands put albums together. It’s about songs more than just acting mean and trying to be tough or “satanic”. It’s riffs that last a while. It’s about variety that keeps an album fresh and interesting. And you get all of that on “Napalm Reign”. It is really a tour through many styles of extreme metal…one you need to take!

Abominant’s heart is in bestial American death metal ala Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and Malevolent Creation. This you can clearly hear in roaring, raging numbers like “No Peace”, “Reborn Through Bloodshed” and “As Evil Rears Its Head”. Vo-killer Mike Barnes sounds completely SICK with his deep guttural growls! But there is more to Abominant than this. They pay respect to classic American metal with the almost Attacker/Omen inspired “Ironclad” that features high pitched yelping vocals. They do a great cover of Exciter’s “Scream In the Night” and there’s a brief “shredding” instrumental “Villain’s Veil” that almost sounds like Alex Skolnick is wailing away. Magnificent black metal riffs appear on “Truth Beyond Belief” and “Out of the Shadows”…great mergers of the best aspects of black and death metal. But maybe the best tune is the supremely catchy and headbangable “The Watchers”, where Abominant taps into the dirty rock n’ metal that propels bands like Midnight and Abigail.

If you don’t know by now, just pick up the fuckin’ thing and bang your head off. This work of art should be on Metal Blade or Relapse…go support these metal rebels as much as you can!