"Lay My Soul To Waste"

By Rusty Coffinnails

What do you get if you cross Type O Negative with Alice in Chains and toss in a touch of Marilyn Manson for fun? A Pale Horse Named Death. Don't think of these guys as just a cheap knock off band that sounds "just like".....

They are far from that. They are quite distinct in their own style. Murderous... dark... dirty... dismal... they have it all. Think Alice in Chains but darker and much more angry with a sharper edge that will never be heard on the radio. But who wants that made for radio crap anyway? They deal with death in a realistic and at times uncomfortable way with edgy and somewhat socially unacceptable subject matter. But screw socially acceptable crap!

"Shallow Grave" is a song about killing your girlfriend, and hey, who has not thought about offing someone? It does not say "go out and do it" but deals with the thoughts of doing such a dastardly deed. The band is not afraid to cross the line and step on, or rather stomp on, some toes, and that is good.

The song "Devil Came With a Smile" is my top pick, it's about the rise and fall of being a rock star, from the top of the charts to the bottom of a cold forgotten grave. Oddly, this is one of their more upbeat songs. It has a killer beat with a steady shred of guitar and flowing lyrics that make for a fun and thought provoking song. 
The song "Growing Old" is a somber one about getting old and becoming a burden on family members. It moves like a steam roller in a funeral procession. At first I had a hard time listening to it, not because it was bad but because it is true. But that is what band leader Sal Abruscato is going for...pushing the limits and making you think.

I have no bottom pick on this one , it is a great album and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it .I could go on for another page or two analyzing each song, every note and word but I will stop myself now. I say ,go out and grab this one, open your mind and give it a spin.. You won't be disappointed.