"One Hallucination Under God"

By Dark Starr

This is a tricky one to pin down. With elements of psychedelia, space rock, retro hard rock and prog, it is constantly on the move. No matter what you call it, this is a cool set. It definitely feels like something that could have been released in the late 1960s. 

I dig the cool almost surf guitar based riff that drives the opening " Eternal Now." The vocals land it more in line of the prog end of the equation. The arrangement is built on simple rock and roll concepts, but it's also assembled in complex ways with intriguing changes. This is part psychedelic rock, part prog and all cool. 

Combine psychedelic rock with a pop edge and something not far removed from Radiohead and you'll be in the right vicinity for " Brave New World." It's a solid number. I'm definitely reminded of Steve Howe's old band Bodast on this number.  "Nearly Normal" is next and a similar mix of sounds is heard on the piece. It's not a huge change, but rather another strong helping of the group's general musical serving. I like the chorus on this a lot. 

I can make out some hints of things like Cheap Trick along with a psychedelic rock edge on the cool rocker that bears the title "Home." The prog changes are pretty obvious on this cut despite the hard rocking psychedelia that makes up the core of the piece. I love the killer classic rock styled guitar solo. 

Trippy, dreamy prog turned psychedelia is the musical concept on " Who You Are." There is some great sliding sound on this cool piece.  Starting with mellow guitar sounds, " Where Do We Go?" works out to more psychedelia turned prog sounds. The bass guitar line in particular brings the prog, but the vocal arrangement adds to that concept, as well. 
The title track is built on some killer riffing. It's another successful merging of prog and psychedelic sounds. In some ways the vocals on this remind me of Jack Bruce's singing in Cream. The playful instrumental break brings the prog stuff into play. So does the cool processed vocal section further down the road. I dig the drop back with soundbite, too. Making this the title track was wise because it's one of the strongest pieces here. 
The combination of mellower guitar work, trippy vocals and bits of effects land " Sea of Time" in the space rock neighborhood. The "tick tock" section at the end really has a progressive rock vibe to it. "Evolution" is the closer and space rock and psychedelia combine quite well here. There is no big surprise, but another effective cut.