"Lifespan Of A Moth"

By Lord Randall

There’s no one like 16. Sure the dirt-drug rock of RUE, the disjointed desolation of UNRUH, the molasses-drenched SOURVEIN, they and the SoCal outfit all contain elements swapped back and forth between each other, like so many bodily fluids at a West Virginia family reunion. But there’s no one like 16. 

‘Landloper’, erm, lopes out of the concrete jungle, all drenched in sweat and fecal matter, toxic as fuck and flinging chunks of sonic skin, the production positively disease-ridden. Remember when you were younger (like yesterday) and so poor you couldn’t afford anything but a shitty stereo or jambox? When the speakers in that blew, they were just fuckin’ blown. Wouldn’t stop you from cranking up whatever to an unholy volume, would it? That’s exactly the sound found on "Lifespan Of A Moth", and damn, does it sound fantastic. The abyssal malevolence conjured from the quartet by longtime producer/engineer Jeff Forrest is the sound of the California murder cult playing in the blood of its victims, captured as it should’ve been since Drop Out in my opinion. There’s always gotta be one cock-rock tribute on a 16 album, and ‘The Absolute Center Of A Pitch Black Heart’ gets the honor this time around, the band even injecting a bit of power metal gallop just for shits and giggles. The 7+ minutes of ‘Gallows Humor’ are the instrumental these ears have been looking for since QUICKSAND’s untouchable ‘Baphomet’, and it’s like this at this point. If you know 16, this is the album they’ve been working towards. If you don’t, there’s not a better place to develop the habit. 

16 has long been the spirit animal of miscreants, mainliners and malcontents, and "Lifespan Of A Moth" its new appearance in our dark, twisted dreams. NEIL YOUNG’s "Arc/Weld" and DARKTHRONE’s "Transilvanian Hunger" walk into a bar…