" Lacrima Mortis"

 by Octopi Mills

Here we have The 11th Hour, a project set in the style of both doom and death metal, with music that could be described as being reminiscent of My Dying Bride, but with vocals that sound somewhat like a pseudo Glen Hughes, in terms of reference. The production is clear and clean and the guitar tone is consistent in it's sound, and once you hear the the first few tracks, you get the feeling there won't be any surprises ahead, and this intuition was correct, indeed. The songs flow together, but there is no new ground tread here, and that's not such a bad thing, However, the songs just seem to wash in a certain monotony and praise of times lost, and that were better to begin with.

 As I understand, this is their second release, so maybe they can do something better in the future. With all the music in the world ,this release falls short of capturing the attention of the metaphoric listener, and more effort will be needed to make some sort of mark in the realms of sound and electricity; these powers which are so readily abused and taken for granted in these times we live nowadays. One can stick to old ghost documentaries or even break out some Edgar Allan Poe for the time that was lost on this release, which comes from Napalm Records. One must wonder what the criteria is these days to actually get a record label to sign a band.