By Dr. Abner Mality

So, (0), we meet again. It hasn’t been too long since I checked out the Danish band’s self-titled debut EP. The EP impressed me because I really didn’t know what the band was about or what they would be throwing at me next. This time around, I’m a bit more prepared and have a better idea what (0) is about.

It’s still hard to pin them down. I would say on “SkamHan” their post-metal tendencies are emphasized more and the black metal side is not pushed as much. But there’s still room for a lot of styles here. “Tyndere end Hud” starts things off in a jangly way before muscling up and getting heavy and aggressive. One thing’s for sure, they haven’t lightened up any...”SkamHan” is a dark and gloomy ride. “Sjaelstjaeler” is sad and pensive, much more in the post-metal mode of mixing up subdued parts with slow and heavy crush. It builds well and reaches a strong climax. “Skarntyder” sees the black metal and hot blood kick in to good effect with a beefy, riff-heavy track. Despite the mellower moments, the vocals of (FJ) remain harsh all the way through.

“Rod Glorie” is a long one and pretty much a standard post-metal track...well executed but offering no surprises. “Sortfugi” is altogether more progressive and reminds me a lot of ENSLAVED in its guitar tone and construction. The title track is another long epic, kind of a cross between OPETH progression and the typical lumbering post-metal...a well constructed cut. The album ends the same way the EP did...with a drifting track of pure ambience and drone, this time called “Alle Renses”.

I can’t say I like “SkamHan” better than the debut, but it’s not a huge comedown either. (0) is not a headbanging or party metal band, but something that appeals to the thinking man.