"The Shadow At The World's End"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If 10 minutes have gone by, it must be time for a new Rogga Johansson album. Never has anybody in the history of death metal worked as tirelessly and ceaselessly as this guy. REVOLTING is one of his "major" projects that he puts a lot of focus on, along with PAGANIZER. The good part of RJ is that he's dependable...he will never wimp out or do a "half way" death metal album. The bad part is that everything starts to run and mix together. Even ignoring his zillion other bands and just focusing on REVOLTING alone, the albums are entirely uniform in sound and delivery.

Here we've got 10 crunching Swedish death metal tracks all in the 3 1/2 to 4/12 minute range, all delivered with pulsating chainsaw crunch, quick velocity and sad lead guitar melodies. DISMEMBER and EDGE OF SANITY as touchstones, as they've always been. Rogga knows a catchy riff and never outstays his welcome on a song, but a lot of these tracks just sound like the same thing with only minor variation. The best example of this is the title track and its immediate followup "Sorrow As Companion". It almost could have been one big song with only a slight change in lead guitar. 

It gets to be perturbing after a while, but generally the approach is so straightforwardly enjoyable for fans of Swedish death metal that you can still enjoy it. Rogga is sure relentlessly driven to keep the death metal coming...