I Smell The 'Cred'

by Solomon G

I Sell The Dead


Glenn McQuaid


Larry Fessenden

Dominic Monaghan

Ron Perlman

Angus Scrimm


In I Sell The Dead - a low-budget feature, from the geniuses at Glass Eye Pix/ScareFlix - the sense of a scrappy cast and crew that pulls together for the benefit of this production is palpable. Full disclosure: ol' Solomon G loves this film for its many irresistible elements - AIP Poe/Hammer style atmosphere, old-school latex 'n' corn-syrup gore f/x where it matters most, and well-written, tongue-in-cheek dark humor in spades (pun intended, hehe)! In fact, this one reminds me more than a bit of such AIP classicks as The Raven and The Comedy Of Terrors - but with a more modern-indie, hip sensibility.

First-time feature director, McQuaid, does a lot with a little, and is totally blessed with a truly excellent cast of players: starting with underground genre writer/director/producer/actor hero, Larry Fessenden, as a Burke & Hare style grave-robber exrtaordinaire, and Dominic Monaghan as his counterpart, ingenue and comedic foil. Rounding out the primary roles of this kind of dream-team horror/comedy cast are stalwart great Ron Perlman as a hard-drinking Irish-Catholic Priest-confessor, and genre legend Angus Scrimm as the wily, unscrupulously evil surgeon who demands more, more - MORE CORPSES(!) - from our hapless heros.

As mentioned above, the effects and makeup are, while not exactly lavish and mind-boggling, done with much style, flair and loving attention to detail - with just the bare minimum CGI necessary to move the story along (but not distract from it). The acting is quite good (except perhaps for one verging-on-overly-clownish zombie), and there is a sense of knockabout comradery that is not perceived by ol' Solomon as forced or faked. The writing, on the other hand, while also quite good, definitely needed a little tightening in the later acts - and there was at least one small meander into distraction earlier in the show. However, a pervasive sense of fun and adventure easily overrides any such minor flaws in the total, overall film.

If you are a fan of cheesy-but-good '60s AIP and Hammer horrors, just like your ol' humble reviewer Sol, get your order in for this little doozy! Lovers of low-budget goodness, as well as those of indie-film ingenuity, will be glad they did as well!

And, oh yeah - even though the tagline for I Sell The Dead is "Never Trust A Corpse", you just tell 'em ol' Sol sent ya!

Heh heh heh

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