Review by Dark Starr

"Bizarre" is the first word that comes to mind when describing this film. One thing it's not , is boring.  It's also not predictable. The set up is reasonably simple.  A poacher captures a sasquatch and puts it into the back of a semi, drugged up and knocked out. He's going to sell it to a big game hunter.  The only thing is, he gets arrested for poaching  and the cops bring both him and the semi to an old, nearly deserted police station. From there, it gets crazy.

There are so many sub-plots going on in this movie, it should be confusing and dizzying. Somehow it's not. And most of the subplots wind up pulling together before it's all done. At times, it's almost over the top silly.  It's also very dark and ominous at other points. There are places where it's more of an action film. Sections feel like an old John Carpenter movie (highly appropriate, given that it's a take-off of Carpenter's classic "Assault on Precinct 13.--Dr. Mality), while other parts are closer to a Troma or a Full Moon release. Particularly those featuring the obnoxious "Bill and Ted" knock-offs Don and Murph.

It can be quite gory at times, but not really very believable gore. The special effects and the whole movie are obviously low budget, but in many ways they don't look like it. All in all, I'd consider it to be an enjoyable romp. Just don't try to take it too seriously. High entertainment, it ain't. Fun, it is.