by Octopi Mills

Poland is known for being one of the greatest black metal strongholds of old and  new to most of us in the know of such. We know this because we like the old style and pay for tapes and vinyl still, embracing  both the low and high fi of such magnetic fields captured by those of our interests. But this eve I shall investigate a veteran act dealing in the fields of death and doom and with powdered wig and with gavel I shall strike. 

The cover reflects the Eye of Sauron, perhaps, and the damned thing begins with the comeback album of 21 years. "Darkness Falls" would have been at home in the early scene, surely, and they are doing things many of new and old should heed and take note of; atmospheric, dark, heavy, original sounds. I take note of the olden logo of the band which is bat-like and elemental and what one would scrawl on an old notebook or folder. The guitar has a melodic style at times, not unlike the black or heavier metals forged of old and keeps a slower pace. Long, traveling songs are of course expected and there is a certain horsemanship in the ride- that is to say, they head somewhere in terms of foresight and exploration. What is possibly or reputed to be a synth adds sky to the journey whilst the rhythm section does things to support the ordeal. If it were in the species of cobbler it might be a dark berried nightshade with enough of the poison cooked out to still have a certain bitterness or tannin to betray it's Polish origins to one without the taste to these matters.

 There are ambient parts introduced like a thick sauce but not overdone like is seen by the Swedes. Vocals are near orcish and are found both swollen and hollering wherever they please but never stray or try to capture the borders. Every now and again a surprise vocal is in the forecast like an isolated storm shower but it's nothing to fear and never makes one feel like they are listening to something like Queen, for lack of a respectful example...and for this I thank them in their wandering with "Incalculable Sadness".  "Dark Room" ends the album in an electronic matter that is more like a filler until it crusts the ending over in a fair spread. Pagan Records is the label if you want to try this album out and I would recommend it in favor of the same old thing done with panache.