A blog about technology, dark attractions and fun stuff found on the internet. The curator of the blog helped put the Wormood Chronicles site together.
A Wormwood sister site featuring in-depth reviews of every form of music. Features work from many Wormwood contributors.
Curated by Wormwood contributor Earthdog, this is the web's #1 site for doom metal, stoner rock, sludge and psychedelic music.
Danish webmagazine dedicated to metal and punk. Features contributions by Wormwood's Jens Hellroute, including his "House of Franco" blog.
One of the best horror websites on the Net. Edited by Wormwood's Thor and featuring contributors from all across the horror spectrum.
Blog of Wormwood contributor The Sun Jester, featuring thoughts on prog, metal and rock n roll amongst many other things.
Home page of the band featuring Wormwood writer Prof. Jocko.