“Vicious Breed”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Some good solid female-fronted heavy metal here. There’s nothing unusual at all about women heading up metal bands these days, but exceptional talent should always be recognized and Lady Beast’s Deborah Levine has got a great, impassioned voice with a lot of melody.

The band’s tunes are a sturdy mix of NWOBHM power metal and mild thrash. Things start out on a somewhat average note with “Seal The Hex” but the song introduces us to Levine’s rich voice and paves the way for better tunes to come. The nice thing about “Vicious Breed” is that it steadily builds in power and intensity, until the second half of the album shifts Lady Beast into full gear. “Get Out” is a strong, driving metal tune just short of thrash but with a lot of intensity and killer guitar solos. “Every Giant Shall Fall” is more epic power metal with almost a Viking sort of feel to it. “Sky Burial” is the album highlight for me…pretty ironic, considering it’s an instrumental and doesn’t feature Deborah’s vocals. What it does feature is plenty of headbanging riffs similar to an Iron Maiden “Genghis Khan” on overdrive. Great track! The album ends with the title track, the one pure thrasher of the bunch and a corker.

Lady Beast is another solid addition to the list of promising American metal bands!