UFO "Sinners Take All"

By The Sun Jester

In an era of Justin Bieber, American Idol, and Lady Gaga, UFO is holding firm and producing some of the best albums in the band's long career. Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond, and Andy Parker remain from the band's classic "Lights Out" lineup and, augmented by the talented guitarist Vinnie Moore, they have consolidated their legacy as one of the premier hard rock acts of the last forty years. With their new album, "Seven Deadly", UFO deliver another superb studio album that personifies all of the band's best qualities and shows them continuing to evolve.

Wormwood Chronicles are grateful to have UFO drummer Andy Parker answer a few questions about the new release and life in UFO.


WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: This sounds like a very unified album, the songs complimenting each other with no wasted motion. Did the band know what direction "Seven Deadly" should take when you started writing?

 ANDY PARKER: No, we never do really. Vinnie and Paul submit their ideas to Phil and he decides which ones he wants to work on. It’s not until he has finished that we get a true sense of  which direction the album has taken.

WC: There's a bit of imagery in songs like "Angel Station" and "The Last Stone Rider". Can you tell us how those songs came together.

AP: Both started as ideas of Vinnie’s to which Phil then wrote the lyrics . As to what  exactly inspired him, I afraid that’s still a mystery to all but him.

WC:  Another memorable song, "Burn Your House Down", is a personal favorite. Any thoughts you would care to share about that track?

AP: Only that it was the first idea that any of us heard for this album.

 WC: How does the band feel this new album stacks up with their most recent studio albums?

AP: I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I think it is as strong  if not stronger than the last. I am particularly pleased with the drum sound on this album.

WC:  Both the band and the music industry as a whole have seen enormous changes over the years. An album like "Seven Deadly" sounds like the product of a band still trying to make their best album every time they go into the studio. What is the writing and recording process like for the band at this point in their career? Gratifying? Bittersweet?

AP: I would have to say gratifying. We are very fortunate to  be in a position where we can still record and release albums.

WC:  Any ideas of what songs from "Seven Deadly" we can expect to see finding their way into the live set?

AP: No idea at present but I would like to see “Wonderland” make it.

WC:  Blues greats like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and Howlin' Wolf performed up until they died. Among your peers, bands like Deep Purple, Rush, Yes, Whitesnake, and others are still active, recording, and touring successfully. Is there a finish line for UFO or can we expect to see the band for many years to come?

AP: Hopefully we will be around for a while yet.

WC:  All long-term successful bands deal with the reality that the early, classic albums usually cast long shadows over the rest of the catalog. How does the band deal with that? Do you just accept that it is that way for some and get on with the business of playing concerts and making new albums?

AP: Absolutely, that's the only professional way to approach it.

WC:  What bands or performers have impressed you lately? What is the band listening to when its on the road?

AP: We don’t often listen to music as a band when we are traveling as everyone has different tastes but  Frankie Miller was pretty big on the bus recently. That guy has such a great voice.

WC:  Describe the general feeling in the band right now. UFO is a band that sounds and looks like they genuinely enjoy playing. Is the thrill from playing live as strong as ever?

AP:Definitely.  We are really having fun right now and that comes across in the show.

WC:  What was the last CD you got just because you wanted to check out the band?

 AP: Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall

WC: What was the last gig you went to just for your own enjoyment?

 AP: Louisiana Red

WC: In the long history of UFO, is there one particular “Spinal Tap” moment where things went wrong that you can share with us?

AP: Yes, the part in the movie where they get lost going to the stage is actually based on something that happened to us.

WC: Any last words for the faithful?

AP: Keep the faith!