THUNDERMOTHER “Mother’s Finest” 

By Dr. Abner Mality

Filippa Nassil is one determined woman. Losing almost every member of your band would certainly knock most musicians off their feet and usually bring an end to the story. At the very least, it would take a long time to recover from. It didn’t slow Filippa down at all.Within one year, she found new members for her all-girl hard rock band Thundermother. Not only that, but they released a smoking hot self-titled album, which is what drew my attention to Thundermother.

The all-woman hard rock band is no longer a novelty in this day and age, but it’s still rate to find one that sounds as tight and authentic as Thundermother. Mixing a heavy dose of AC/DC swagger with melodic 80’s metal and even a touch of Southern rock produces their characteristic sound, with Filippa cranking away with vigor on guitar and the amazing soulful vocals of new singer Guernica putting the icing on the cake.

I talked to Filippa recently about the rise of Thundermother and overcoming adversity…

WORMWOOD CHRONICLE: Hi, Filippa! The new self-titled Thundermother is now out..did you ever think it would see the light of day?

FILIPPA NASSIL: Hi! It took time to do it of course but now when we rehearse and live in the same city it makes it so much easier. The band members are talented musicians so when I showed them the songs we learned them really quick. We arranged the songs in one month before we entered the studio. It’s nice it’s finally here.

WC: Let me go way back and ask what made you want to pick up a guitar and play hard rock n roll?

FN: As I was born and raised in the country side, with almost no neighbours and nothing to do, it came along very naturally. I had a dream to become a rock star already at the age of 9, I have evidence of this at home haha.. I had always been doing music with instruments at home and had a musical family and it was a way to be creative for me. When I found the guitar it was like, BAM! This is my thing. At first I played key-harp, a Swedish folk instrument, but I couldn't write songs on it.. When I heard a Rage Against The Machine cover at a school concert I was hooked. I wanted to have an electric instrument.

WC: Were your parents and family members all supportive to you or did you have to work to convince people how serious you were?

FN: My family has always been supportive. My first guitar grew away from me pretty fast, I was better than the guitar, so when I turned 14 years old, my dad and mum bought me a much better one. I learned the hard way that I had to be better than the guitar, I wanted to earn the guitar. So I didn’t buy my first Gibson until I was 26 years old. I don’t like it when people can’t play their expensive instrument. It has to be a struggle, but then again, I am a bit odd that way, haha.

WC: In 2017, you lost almost your whole band. Was there ever a point where you thought Thundermother was over or did you know you would persevere?

FN: People ask me this and I have to be honest. Thundermother has been my baby no matter what people want to believe. I am the only original member and I have never felt that it wasn’t my band. Therefore, I have never doubted my continuation with the band and the music I write. Thundermother was my idea from the start and still is my vision.

WC: What was the process of getting new members like? Did you have them in mind right from the beginning or did you have to sift through people to find them?

FN: No, because I wanted to sort the issues we had with the old line-up before moving on. I tried to solve it with all my heart and make it work.It was after they left I started to look around.

WC: Your new singer Guernica is amazing! What kind of background does she come from and was she your first choice for the role?

FN: When I heard her I knew she was one of a kind. She is so good, but most of all she wanted it so much. The other singer in line wasn’t up for it in the same way. And I want someone equal in spirit, someone that WANTS this as much as me so we can be a team, because it is hard work. To survive this industry you need to be surrounded by similar minds. Same with Emlee and Sara. I love them all and they give 100% and I am so grateful for that.

WC: Would you say all the adversity you faced in 2017 was worth the struggle?

FN: I've had worse struggles so It wasn’t that bad. Totally worth it.

WC: Has the new band played live much yet? Did things click right away or did they ta ke a little time to hit the right groove?

FN: I had the most experience of course so I threw them into the fire straight away with a tour with The Dead Daises. They survived and learned a lot I think. I’ve seen them grow show after show and now I learn with them. Everything feels new to me, because they kick ass musically.

WC:  Many people will hear Thundermother and think of AC/DC right away. But what are some of the other influences that make up your style that maybe people don’t know about?

FN: Ozzy Osbourne with his melodies made me who I am in a young age.. He really knows how to make a melody that sticks with you. I always wanted to nail that in every song. I don’t only want riffs, I want a real song. Deep Purple and Coverdale iare a huge inspiration. BB King with his major keys, Foo Fighters with their guitars. Lynyrd Skynyrd ofc ourse! So much inspiration from them!..The WHO as well.

WC: A lot of the tunes like “Survival Song”, “Follow Your Heart” and “I Won’t Back Down” must be about your experiences keeping the band together, right?

FN: “Survival Song”, “Quitter” and “Hanging at My Door” are from my experiences the last year, but not the others. I wrote them years ago. We changed some lyrics so It would feel more current though.

WC:  “Follow Your Heart” is such an upbeat and positive rock song. In today’s age, most hard rock is all negative and pure aggression. This reminds me a little of upbeat 70’s  rockers. How personal is this tune?

FN: This is one of the songs that is inspired by the bands I mentioned above. Harmonies and just positive southern rock to it.. That’s the true music that I love. I wanna make more songs like that. Also the band can show their skills in songs like that. It is a pure challenge for me personally, that song make me work hard on the guitar. The lyrics I barely remember now haha. That you should fight for your dreams!

WC: “Quitter” is one song that is angry. This must be an answer to critics as well?

FN: This I wrote in pure determination but I think overall it has a happy feel to it. For me it is happy, because it made me feel free writing it. I was upset, but making music makes you release tension. It came from hurt feelings but made me positive.

WC: What are the touring plans for the new album?

FN: We are starting doing Europe in May.. we will play a lot but I can’t announce more yet.

WC: Are you involved in any other musical projects? Or would you like to be?

FN: Not now. Thundermother has Sara in the band from my other band Hifly. We are working on Thundermother now. We are free, we have more albums to come in the future. I can’t wait.

WC: If you could have dinner with any 3 people from history, who would they be?

1. Bob Marley. My idol.
2. Martin Luther King. The King.
3. Sharon Osbourne. The Queen of the rock industry. Haha the mash up of that dinner, I love it!

WC: What’s the last release you picked up just for yourself?

FN: The Swedish band “VA ROCKS” and their album “Pull No Punches” last weekend.

WC: Is there any “Spinal Tap” moment in Thundermother history you could share with us?

FN: Don’t forget your backdrop of 7 meters on stage when you leave.

WC: Any last words to the Thunder-fans out there?

FN: Thank you for the support. Stay tuned for more music!