THRUST "Posers Will STILL Die!" 

By Theron Moore

A great deal of my metal upbringing back in the good old 80’s was due in part to the Metal Blade Records catalog, especially their Metal Massacre series.  I discovered a ton of bands thanks to that compilation series, THRUST being one of them.  The song was “Destructor” that appeared on Metal Massacre IV.  Instant fan!  THRUST would later open for the mighty JUDAS PRIEST on their “Screaming For Vengeance” tour.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I reached out to Ron Cooke and interviewed him for the Chicago section of one of the books in my three volume book series, “All My Friends Are Rock Stars”, and since then I’ve stayed in contact with him.  In 2018 THRUST released the metal masterpiece, “Harvest Of Souls”, featuring the killer track “Sorceress.”  If you haven’t checked out “Harvest Of Souls”, I suggest you do.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES:  Let’s start with the CoronaVirus and move to the mass riots happening around the country.  What kept you busy during the quarantine?  THRUST was in the process of making a new record, is that right?

RONNIE COOKE:  Yes, we have been writing and recording our new album during the quarantine time.  We actually were pretty much done recording it when this all happened. We’ve been mixing, mastering, and deciding on a title for the album. The song sequence, photos, album design, etc. There were so many steps when making the record.

WC:  In terms of the new record, what can we expect?  Your last record, “Harvest Of Souls”, that’s a tough one to follow up, especially with tracks like “Kill Or Be Killed” and “Sorceress.”   What was the band’s mindset going into the creative process with the new record?

RC:  Yes, Thanks! “Harvest Of Souls” was our comeback album. We've got 10 songs coming on the new record. It’s definitely our heaviest album yet. We’ve really grown as songwriters over the years. We have some cool surprises. This is the THRUST album I've always dreamed of releasing!

WC:  Regarding the socio-political climate around the country, including the riots, does that ever factor into the songwriting process or shape what the band does lyrically / musically?

RC:  Yes, all our songs are really tied into personal happenings and what’s going on in the world at that time. I don't think we actually try to cultivate it, but it’s just in the songs, what feelings we are feeling at that time. The songs really are about our journeys in life lyrically and musically. It’s just our souls shining thru. 

WC:   These are strange times we live in when we consider the fact that performing live (or touring) may not be a realistic option for the next 18 months or longer.  Have you and THRUST thought about live streaming rehearsals or even a live concert for the fans via social media or otherwise?

RC:  Yes, we had a lot of live shows that were canceled because of the virus like a lot of bands as well. We have done live streaming from the studio for the fans and social media. We Will continue to do so until we can get back on the road!

WC:  Along the lines of the last question, has THRUST ever considered releasing a live DVD?  I’ve got ideas for you guys if you’d like them!

RC:  Yes! In the future, I can see a live DVD coming out!

WC:  Aside from 2020 (as a whole), what’s the biggest challenge THRUST has faced in recent years, or has to face every year?  I would imagine streaming and downloading might still be issues with THRUST? 

RC:  The biggest challenge I think for every band is keeping the fire burning. Keep playing live, keep putting out product, keep writing the best songs you can. 

WC:  In terms of “Classic” or “Traditional” heavy metal, which THRUST certainly fits into, why do you think there has been such a resurgence in this genre over the last few years?  Do you think it's in response to how weak, mainstream or radio friendly metal, has become over the years? 

RC:  I think METAL has had a rebirth. It’s great to get the recognition after all these years. A lot of our fellow metal bands have stood the test of time. It’s great to see everybody still playing.

WC:  Let me ask you a tough question, point blank, with no disrespect intended.  A lot of bands & record labels might not survive the pandemic, for various reasons, finances being a big one.  How do you see THRUST surviving this Covid-19 situation and carrying on?  What do you guys have going for you that maybe other bands do not? 

RC:  What we have going is our name.  We have been around quite a while, which is really the true test. 

WC:  I’d be horribly remiss if I didn’t ask about your song, “Posers Must Die” which is the band’s anthem, and rightfully so.  Can you give me the story or background regarding what specifically inspired you guys to write it?  Was it a particular experience with someone or was it just a reflection of the times, back in the 80’s?

RC: “Posers will Die” is a song about just remaining true to yourself and others. Do the right things in life:  Don’t be a Poser!  

WC:  Lastly, this is something I’ve wondered about.  When you’re doing shows with an artist like VINCE NEIL or RATT, and you’re onstage jamming your iconic hit, “Posers Must Die,” do you think the audience or even the headliners grasp what the song is about?  Have you or the band ever discussed NOT performing the song live?

RC: We've always played whatever songs we wanted to, not really caring who is on the bill with us.  Actually “Posers Will Die” always gets a great response from the crowd.  I guess they know a few!