Throbbin Urges - Midwestern Jet Punk Rage!

By Jens Hellroute

Last year’s debut album (on Dead Beat Records) by Throbbin Urges almost melted my stereo with their noisy LOUD outta control punkrock. We’re talking Guitar Wolf volume here! So I thought it was time to investigate what urges drive this young combo, and Adam and Scott thankfully filled me in. Last Throbbin Urges member, Ian, is also in X-Offender another Kalamzoo band.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Kalamazoo, Michigan? A wonderful place to pursuit the American dream?

Adam: Kalamazoo is cool ,man, as long as you’re cool with not having any goals or aspirations. If you want to make something out of yourself you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want to work for peanuts in retail or a factory then come on in, and shut the door cause your letting all the heat out. Hey, it’s not as fucked as Flint or Saginaw. (But it sounds as fucked as Rockford, Illinois--Homeboy Mality)

Scott: Not ideal for pizza delivery if that’s what you mean.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Your debut album is probably the loudest record I’ve heard since Guitar Wolf’s “Jet Generation” cat always attacks me when I put it on and my girlfriend just leaves the flat and wanders off for hours.

Scott: Well, the good thing for your girlfriend is that she’d actually only have to wander around for 15 minutes or so.

Adam: JET GENERATION! Yeah, our engineers really did a good job capturing the live sound of our multiple Marshall full stacks.

WC: How long did it take to record?

Scott: A little over a year. It was frustrating putting it together, because a lot of the takes you hear on the record were actually demos we recorded at home, and we recorded 14 songs numerous different times at different places.

Adam: The entire thing was recorded live on the spot, so about thirteen and a half minutes. In truth, many of the tracks on the album were actually demos so we could remember what we did the next day. They are the actual first times the songs had been played, and if you want to get technical, Scott did the drums on a lot of the tracks and overdubbed bass, so we didn’t even actually play them as a band! The listener is then, lucky for them, witness to the creative process! What a treat.

WC: The electronic intro reminds me of that Troma movie, “Class Of Nuke’em High”.

Scott: I’ve heard people refer to John Carpenter, and even considered a Devo rip-off.

Adam: “Scottyboi’s funeral.” Other points of reference: Goblin, Morricone’s soundtrack to “The Thing”, the score to “Conquest”, Vangelis, Tod Dockstader, Super Metroid, etc.

Scott: Awesome game.

WC: Inspirations and influences for Throbbin Urges, musically, and otherwise?

Scott: Bad Company, early T-rex.

Adam: Other than Christ? Oh man, probably the film “We Are Marshall” as well as LiveFastDie, Head, Magma, Teengenerate, Chris Gaines, Black Flag and Kraftwerk. Oh, and the Ohio Express, Van Der Graaf Generator and Venom. Also Philip K. Dick and the Trailerpark Boys. Plus, we let liquor be the wind beneath our wings.

WC: Any thoughts on that crazy astronaut woman that drove across the country in diapers to kill her love rival? Her throbbin' urges seemed a bit unhealthy.

Scott: I didn’t know Anna Nicole was her love rival! That’s fucked up.

Adam: That’s news to me. What about that monkey that had electrodes hooked to its head that learned to play a game with this cursor and an electric arm just by THINKING about it!! That’s pretty fucked up. I can’t believe I just heard about that one. Did you hear about the guy who had hiccups for like twenty years or something and then went in for a prostate exam and that cured him? (I must study this particular technique!--Dr. Mality)

WC: What’s some of the best bands you played with?

Scott: I’d say the best was the Marked Men. My favorites, though, are the Rat Traps, X-offender, and the Spits, ‘cause it’s always a party when the Spits come back to Kalamazoo..

Adam: “Remember when that one dude DIED at the Spits show!?!” Scott’s on target but add Evil Army, River City Tanlines, and all the local bands of tight bros. Oh, and the Fatals too. We’ve played with just about every French band that’s come through the U.S. Unfortunately we still haven’t played with the Feelers, or the Terrible Twos, oddly enough.

WC: You made a split with Glorified Trash?

Adam: Yep, we hardly knew them and then they split. Some dude was selling it on eBay a little while back and took the opportunity to trash us in the process, which was actually pretty funny.

Scott: it’s just great that we have people interested in working with us and putting out our shit. Suckers.

WC: Any strange rituals you perform before going on stage?

Adam: Pray. On stage is a different story: “Can I get a little more vocals in the monitor” and “we got two left.”

Scott: We got to pray just to make it today.

WC: Dead Beat Records press release says; ”all the fake tits you see in movies, pictures, and magazines are all
manufactured at Dow Chemical in lovely, rustic Midland, MI.”

Adam: First of all Midland, Michigan is not really lovely or rustic, well maybe there is some idyllic beauty. But yes, sometime in the early nineties, amidst much controversy, Dow Corning (not chemical) was responsible for the sudden popularity of both comedienne Brett Butler and Jill Kelly. Remember Jill’s early stuff? Yeah, me neither.

Scott: I wish people would stop linking me to that awful, awful town.

WC: How will your 2nd album be compared to the debut? A prog metal concept album?

Adam: Wow, that’s actually frighteningly close to the truth. Prog and punk have not yet had a successful merger. Do you know where I can buy a used mellotron on the cheap? I think Brain Salad Surgery is fucking punk as fuck. Well, side one at least except for that Benny the Bouncer shit. Scott will tell you that I suggested playing kosmische musik on the next one. We’re turning into Circle alarmingly fast.

Scott: What the fuck...

WC: Anything to add?

Adam: Who wants to go see Norbit with me on Saturday?

Scott: You might be on your own on that one. Hey Jens, thanks for the interview opportunity, or as we say in America, the "Whopper-tunity"! Cheers.

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