Supersuckers - Eddie Spaghetti Spills The Beans!

By Jens Hellroute

The Seattle rawk'n'rollers have been one of my fave bands for the last 15 years, but "Motherfuckers Be Trippin" record was a bit of a disappointment. Fortunately, their recent "The Devil's Food" comp was a brilliant return to form, perfecting their brand of hardrock, punk, country, and even doowop. During the interview I wasn't allowed to smoke or drink(Had to be absolute torture for you!...Dr. Mality) but a few hours after the interview, they performed their best show in years, so maybe their new found sobriety and healthy living has done the band good, haha.

WORMWOOD CHRONICLES: Is this an extensive tour since you coming back at Loppen in like two or three months with Reverend Horton Heat?

EDDIE SPAGHETTI: It's fairly extensive, about three weeks.

WC: When will you be here with Horton Heat?

ES: In October. We'll go back to the US and come back and do the tour here with Horton Heat.

WC: The first I saw you was the Sub Pop line-up in '92, Horton Heat, The Dwarves and you.

Eddie: Yeah, it was right here.

WC:From Sub Pop, you've moved on to other labels. Mid-Fi Records, that's your own label of which you have total control?

Eddie: Yeah, its all ours. No more bosses!

WC:How is it in comparison?

Eddie: It's a pain in the ass, you have to do everything yourself, but it's worth it. If you screw up, you're playing yourself, you do something good, you thank yourself. I'ts nice in that regard.

WC:You've put out dvds...

Eddie: Dvds, and we do vinyl. We're gonna put out the first non-Supersuckers release soon. A live Zen Guerrilla record, so that would be really good.

WC:Cool! Your new compilation, "The Devil's Food", it sounds like a normal album. Comps usually have pretty different sound qualities for different tracks, but it's like a whole normal album.

Eddie: I think it's good, it came out well. That's a credit to the people who mastered it, they did a really good job. It does feel like a regular album.

WC:There's some fun covers.

Eddie: Yeah, haha, "Rubber Biscuit".

WC: And Outkast, have they heard your version of "Hey Ya!"?

Eddie: I dunno, they're probably sick of that song by now, haha.

WC: Lionel Richie.

Eddie: Yeah, "Sail On" from the Commodores days, the original has really good singing, haha.

WC: Regarding Junkyard Dogs, the first time you dabbled in C&W, was it one shot project?

Eddie: Kinda. It was something that we did, we haven't done in a long time, when we started touring a lot. The Junkyard Dogs sorta fell by the wayside. It was just a bunch of us getting together and playing the acoustic guitars, going out to the street fairs and do it for change. That was sorta the inspiration for Supersuckers to do country records.

WC: You did a country version of "Gates Of Steel", a Devo song, you'd do a whole version of "Freedom Of Choice"!

Eddie: I always loved Devo, I always felt that their songs were much more than just, y'know, little pieces of new wave. It's good stuff.

WC: I read you did Supersuckers as a trio recently, Dan took a break...

Eddie: Yeah, it was fun for us to do it. It sounded a lot different, it's fun for us, it's not that bombastic. It's missing something but you get to play more, you get a little something else at the same time. We were lucky we could do it, and that Dusty (new drummer) was along, he's such a good drummer. He made us sound full as a three piece.

WC: You and Reverend Horton Heat are both on the Willie Nelson tribute, "Twisted". A friend of yours? I read you played at one of his 'Farm Aid' gigs?

Eddie: Yeah, yeah, we're gonna do 'Farm Aid' again this year. Yeah, we keep in touch, call him on the phone sometimes and say hi, haha, that's weird.

WC: He's doing a reggae album now?

Eddie: Yeah, it's out, haha. Haven't heard all of it, just little pieces. I'm not a big reggae fun, but I am a big Willie fan so...

WC: He's probably got more in common with Bob Marley than John Wayne.

Eddie: Haha. I can see the connection with the pot smoking, and the country and reggae beat, it has a certain similarity to country music, I can totally see it in that regard. But it is strange.

WC: New country rock acts; Hayseed Dixie and Legendary Shack Shakers. What's your take on them?

Eddie: They did that AC/DC record? Good stuff. The Shack Shakers is more of a rockabilly band, I've heard that they're really good live, but I wasn't crazy about their records. But what I've heard about them sounds absolutely amazing. I need to see them live to make a judgement.

WC: Any new bands you dig?

Eddie: There's this new band called Electric Six, they have a new album "Senor Smoke".

WC: They have like this Turbonegro thing going...

Eddie: Well, it's because of that "Gay Bar" song. I think they're a 100 million times better than Turbonegro, it's more clever, the words are much smarter. Turbonegro wrote some good lyrics on "Ass Cobra" and "Apocalypse Dudes". The new stuff doesn't feel as fun as it used to. There's this band called The Hold Steady (?) that I like. I've seen them a lot. There's two, haha.

WC: How about the Seattle scene? The Briefs...

Eddie: The Briefs are great. Zeke's great, they're not new, but they're still great. But in Seattle, I'm home so seldom so I don't really know what the scene is like.

WC: You support the 'Free West Memphis Three' cause (headbangers wrongfully accused of satanic murders), their trial has been going on for over 10 years, any news?

Eddie: I don't know right now, it seems like there's been some progress in getting some DNA in the testing of evidence, and that seems to be where it's at right now. It's been going on since '93, and time is an issue since Damian is on death row and they could execute him any time.

WC: You support that cause but in general Supersuckers don't involve politics, more good time lyrics...

Eddie: Yeah, in general I like music to be an escape, because, generally speaking, bands are too stupid to form an objective and good opinion. I like bands that are clever but like to play stupid, like The Electric Six. You read these lyrics and the guys got it going on, but they like to do this stupid dumb music. And that's what I generally like, I'm not saying that there isn't room for opinion in music. There are times when it's called for, and it'd be stupid not to use your platform, however small it is.

WC: Any closing remarks?

Eddie: Thanks for the interview, thanks to the fans for supporting us for all these years. Hope y'all wear clean underwear because we gonna rock your pants off!

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