By Thrash-head

To most headbangers, the phrases “U.S.” and “black metal” do not even belong in that same sentence. Save for a few shining stars here and there, our homeland has been virtually devoid of really good black metal ever since the subgenre’s not-so-subtle beginnings in Scandinavia over a decade ago. Something is brewing just over the horizon, though. Several bands in the states, such as Shadows Fall, Beyond the Embrace, Enforsaken, and Black Dahlia Murder are already making waves embracing the melodic death metal stylings of the Gothenberg scene, and with bands such as Noctuary, Sathanas, and Venificum steadily growing devoted fanbases, American black metal is about to undertake a similar rise.

Among this group one could lump in Summon. Influenced by their fair share of the Bathorys, Dissections, and Venoms of yesteryear, Summon infuse the extreme European influences with pure, unrelenting North American death metal for a sound that just annihilates everything. Blasting drums with superb double-bass-injected fills, pummeling bass lines, brutal guitar riffing, and uncharacteristically good vocals that sound like pure agony, the band’s albums are a pure treat for the listener, among them the classic “Baptism of Fire” and the new James Murphy-produced Masterpiece “And The Blood Runs Black.”

Bassist/Vocalist Chaz, aka Necromodeous, corresponded to discuss the finer points of his awesome band.

Wormwood Chronicles: First off, the new album is quite excellent. You guys really have a unique way of blending black metal and death metal together, focusing on the brutality, and just letting good music come forth. How would you say the experience of this disc was different than any others?

Necromodeous: Well I think the difference between this album and the others is we did not pay for it, the label did. So that was a good thing, but it was the first real studio we have recorded in. The others studios were more basement studios, [but] this studio kicked ass!!!

WC: How did the opportunity to work with James Murphy come about? Was he a fan before you went into the studio together?

N: I knew James from some time ago. I saw him at Ohio Deathfest and he told me he was recording bands again so we just said ‘fuck it, lets go to Florida!’ We had already had space booked at another studio, but I thought it would be cool to work with him. He wasn't a fan before but now I think he likes Summon a lot.

WC: You and Xaphan once casually said something to the extent that you hate your last disc, “No Thoughts From The Sky.” Care to elaborate?

N: It is really not Summon. It was written by a bunch of different guitar players (old members) and we were up for days getting wasted when we recorded it. It is the fastest thing I have heard in a long time though, but most of all the production sucks

WC: I remember when your disc “Baptism of Fire” came out, A lot of talk was going around the metal chat rooms and at Metalfest of this awesome band from Michigan called Summon, but then it seemed like you and your label (at the time) parted ways. What happened with Necropolis?

N: Fuck Ne-CRAP-olis! They were never our label! They put the disc out for Baphomet [short-lived offshoot of Necroplis Records co-founded by Necrophagia’s Killjoy.--Thrash-head} and just ripped off everybody! They suck; fuck them! DIE CUNTS!!!!!!!!!

WC: Back to the present day, are there any touring plans that you are planning on undertaking any time soon?

N: We are doing a West coast tour with Excommunion and Thornspawn in July. Check for the exact dates. Then we are doing an East coast tour in September with Grand Belials Key and Revenge (if it works with their schedule).

WC: Coming from the Midwest, of course there’s this idea that there wouldn’t really be a thriving metal scene out here. What are your thoughts on that?

N: Is there a scene anywhere? I don't really think so, but who knows till you are out there playing? We seem to get more and more fans every time we play so the next show might have three or four people there.

WC: A lot of people have tried before you to combine the two styles of death and black metal, but a lot of times it leans towards one side or the other. One could even say the same about you guys until taking into account that many of your influences are more old school black metal than the newer stuff.

N: We listen to all kinds of music. We are not trying to be a death metal band or a black metal band it just comes natural. I think the new label for the band is Satanic-beer-metal. It fits a little better.

WC: You own your own company, Blackened Moon Productions. Tell us about that; what it all entails, and anything cool that’s happening recently with it?

N: Blackened Moon was formed for the simple reason I cannot afford to play in a band. It gives me some write offs. No for real, I just wanted to help spread the underground. I sell mostly hard to find shit. Nothing has really happened to the label except I lose a lot of money but it is worth it. I love the underground! Hopefully it will be around forever.

WC: One of my favorite memories of you guys was Metalfest two years ago, when Xaphan couldn’t get his stuff to work right, and you guys just improvised and belted out this really kick-ass set anyway! Got any comments on that experience?

N: Well, Xaphan was tattooing a bunch of people in Chicago. He was totally late for show and what can I say, he is always late for everything! I think he fucked up the show. We were doing great without him. FUCKER! Well, I guess it wasn't that bad…fuck it, the show must go [on] and you know Milwaukee [oh yeah I do!!! -Thrash-head]. If you start one minute late you only get like 4 1/2 minutes to play.

WC: Any last words for your fans?

N: Yeah…FUCK all of you!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Can't wait to drink beer with all of you on tour! Horns up beers down!